Advanced Negotiating Skills

Advanced Negotiating Skills

Have a deep understanding of the key analysis of the negotiation process and how to influence others to get more of what you need and want

Have developed a range of highly effective negotiating skills and strategies that can be used in a range of situation

Be able to effectively analyse, plan and prepare for every negotiation

Understand the benefits of controlling and reading body language when influencing others

Have become a more effective and confident negotiator

How will this Workshop be Presented?

This two day workshop is highly interactive and practical. Participants learn through a range of teaching and personal development methods including presentations, tutorials, and worked examples. Active participation and involvement is encouraged throughout the training course to promote the sharing of ideas and expertise within the group.

This workshop combines theory and practice. We use company examples to illustrate how the techniques presented have been applied in real case studies. The purpose is to use a mix of proven learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented.

Day One

  • Definitions and styles of influencing and persuasion with colleagues and clients
  • Basic strategies
  • Personal impact and effectiveness when influencing
  • Impactful tools for effective influencers and negotiators
  • Behaviours that help to reach agreement
  • Behaviours that lead to breakdown
  • Simulation and feedback
  • Determining and building trust for results
  • Different types of trust
  • Creating and sustaining trust
  • Identifying your criteria for trust and the other people’s
  • Testing your criteria and others for trust

Day Two

  • Successful advanced negotiations – Objectives and strategy negotiations – internal and external
  • Proven tools and techniques
  • Creating value – long and short term
  • Identifying your objectives and strategy
  • Strategy variables – BATNA and ZOPA
  • Identifying your natural negotiating style and widening your range of styles for success
  • Recognising your preference and others
  • Impact of different styles
  • When to apply different styles
  • Pre-negotiation tools for effective time saving preparation
  • Frames for a gain
  • The Issue Map – Managing complex negotiations
  • Offers
  • Post-negotiation – requirements for effective follow-up
  • Documenting agreements
  • Monitoring client performance
  • Dealing with breach
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