ILM Leadership & Management FAQs

ILM Leadership & Management FAQs

When it comes to getting new candidates signed up and settled into their new ILM Leadership & Management course there’s one person who is well and truly at the coalface and that is our very own Karen Dawson. Many of our candidates will know Karen as the Yorkshire-accented voice on the end of the phone who calmly guides you through the sign-up process, keeps you on track with deadlines, and is there to field any questions you might have throughout your ILM studies. We asked Karen to put together her top ILM frequently asked questions:

Are there any entry requirements?

This is a big one! With ILM there are no formal entry requirements onto any of the qualifications. Instead, candidates will discuss with their tutor prior to commencing their course which qualification is right for them. Tutors will take into consideration each candidates individual capabilities, academic experience and job role when deciding which level and qualification is the most appropriate.

What is the time commitment of these qualifications?

This a bit of a “how long is a piece of string” answer; The time commitment is dependent on the level of the qualification undertaken. At STAMC we typically allocate six months for the delivery of each qualification. This timeframe is based on candidates undertaking one unit per month and includes, on average, one day per month of face-to-face teaching time. The rest of the time, the candidate studies and completes assignments independently. The number of hours required to successfully complete each unit will depend on the qualification level the candidate is studying. I should add that this timeframe does not include any additional time a candidate may require to revisit any assignments that have been referred to them for revision. Candidates will be advised on the anticipated time frame by their tutor at the start of the course.

How long does my registration last?

Candidates have three years from the point of registration to complete their qualification and pass all assignments. Extensions to the registration may be granted by the ILM in exceptional circumstances but this is a rare occurrence and at the discretion of the ILM. St Andrew’s Management Centre has no powers to offer candidates an extension of their registration.

How will I be assessed?

Don’t worry, no exams involved! At the end of each unit, candidates will be asked to complete a written, work-based assignment. Assignments which pass will achieve a “Pass” mark. Any assignments which do not fulfil the criteria required to pass will be referred to the candidate in a “Referral”. Tutors will provide feedback to candidates and indicate areas where their assignment falls short of a pass. Candidates will then be able to revisit and rework their assignments so they may resubmit.

I don’t manage people; can I stull undertake these qualifications?

Yes! These qualifications don’t just focus on people management but on a spread of management skills, including financial management, resource management, project management and personal effectiveness and development to give just a few examples. They’re also a great way of preparing yourself for more management responsibility so ideal if you are seeking promotion or settling into a new leadership role.

I’ve completed ILM Level 3 Certificate, what’s my progression?

With the ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management you have a couple of options for progression. One option is to continue onto the ILM Level 4 Certificate in Leadership & Management. The Level 4 Certificate is comprises of five units, each with an assignment to be completed at the end of the unit. However, if you have completed the ILM Level 3 Certificate with us then you will have already undertaken and passed the first unit Developing Leadership Styles (unit 8600-406). You may wish to attend the teaching session for that unit to refresh your learning, though there is no need for you to repeat the assignment.

For candidates who have demonstrated the capability, there may be the option to skip the Level 4 Certificate and progress from the Level 3 Certificate onto the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership & Management. Placement onto the Level 5 through this route is at the tutor’s discretion and will only apply to candidates that the tutor feels possess the capabilities to succeed at this level.

Is this qualification recognised in Scotland?

Yes! I get this question a lot due to the qualifications no longer being on the SCQF (Scottish Certificate and Qualifications Framework). ILM is part of the City & Guilds of London Institute, but it is City & Guilds that have withdrawn their courses in Scotland. ILM is Ofqual regulated, City & Guilds is an awarding body and is the awarding organisation for the ILM. ILM may not now be on the SCQF, but it is on the English QCF (Qualifications and Certificates Framework), and ILM qualifications are both recognised on a national and international basis. As an example, the ILM Level 5 Diploma would equate to an SCQF level 8/9 on the current framework. Your ILM certificate would be issued by the awarding body City & Guilds of London Institute.

I have additional requirements needed to assist my learning; can I be accommodated?

We’ll do our very best to work with you to support you in your studies. Tutors would discuss with you prior to commencing your course how any adaptions can be accommodated.

Do you have any questions that Karen hasn’t covered here? Or would you like more information? Get in touch with Karen at or call 0330 024 1316.